ABCs of Mental Health Care

About Care Providers

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These provider descriptions are general in nature and are being made available to help you better understand the various types and levels of behavioral health providers that may be available to provide your care. These general descriptions were prepared using national standards. Please note that provider requirements will vary from state to state, thus, you may want to check with the provider's office if you have any specific questions

Psychiatric Nurse/Clinical Specialist (RNCS):

  1. Has a Master's degree in psychiatric nursing from an accredited College or university recognized by the National League of Nursing.
  2. State Licensed to practice as a nurse at the highest level of Independent practice in the state where practice is to occur.
  3. Certified by the American Nurse Association, American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) as a clinical specialist in psychiatric-mental health, adult or child.
  4. May conduct therapy of multiple modalities or theoretical frameworks: individual, group, family, cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification, etc. Skilled in providing therapy for co-occurring medical and psychiatric diagnoses.

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