ABCs of Mental Health Care

About Care Providers

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These provider descriptions are general in nature and are being made available to help you better understand the various types and levels of behavioral health providers that may be available to provide your care. These general descriptions were prepared using national standards. Please note that provider requirements will vary from state to state, thus, you may want to check with the provider's office if you have any specific questions

Pastoral Counselor:

Counselors must have a Master's Degree or higher in mental health discipline from a regionally accredited college or university. Must be licensed in one of the disciplines recognized by Beacon Health Options at the highest level of independent practice in the state or must be licensed or certified as a pastoral counselor in Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Idaho, Indiana or Tennessee. Not qualified to prescribe or dispense medications. Provides counseling with the perspective of the importance of an individual's spiritual life, with focus on ethical and moral problem solving.


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