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ADHD Treatment Support Program

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This is a free stress management education program. It was designed for parents of children ages 0-12 with ADHD. Research has shown that parents raising one or more children with ADHD often have a very hard time dealing with stress. Stress may get so bad that it causes trouble in their work or family life. Or they may become anxious and have problems with eating or sleeping.

The goals of this program are to help parents of children with ADHD to learn to lower their levels of stress and to reduce their risk of having serious problems with stress. This is done partly by helping parents to feel better about their ability to help their children to learn new ways of behaving.

We believe that this can also help lower the risk that children with ADHD will have other problems such as depression or substance abuse. Parents also learn that it is important to have their other natural children screened for ADHD, since the disorder tends to run in families.


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