ValueOptions’ employee assistance program (EAP) provides employees and their family members an opportunity to discuss their personal problems with the guidance of an EAP professional in a way that is most convenient for them—whether over the phone or face to face.

When an employee contacts ValueOptions to access services through the EAP, she will speak with a licensed clinician and EAP professional who will discuss with her the reason for the call, identify what services she is seeking and evaluate the risk factors associated with the presenting concern(s). Together, the individual and the EAP professional will determine the most appropriate course of action. The individual may be referred to an EAP affiliate for in-person assistance, may elect to speak with an EAP professional over the phone or may be referred to her medical benefit or a community resource.

Telephonic assessment

An EAP care manager, telephonic EAP coach or EAP affiliate completes an initial assessment by obtaining necessary clinical and nonclinical information to assist in an appropriate referral, including the following:

  • presenting problem, including stressors, precipitants and severity of symptoms
  • psychiatric and substance abuse history
  • relevant medical history
  • provider preferences
  • social and family supports or vulnerabilities
  • assessment of risk to self or others
  • workplace issues (attendance, current work performance, work history, problems with co-workers as well as job jeopardy and disability leave, etc.)
  • safety issues as a result of job classification, such as working in a safety- sensitive and government-regulated work environment

The telephonic assessment facilitates early intervention. In many instances the employee can choose to receive an immediate consultation with the Telephonic EAP Office.

Telephonic EAP office

ValueOptions is committed to offering creative and innovative EAP interventions. ValueOptions’ Health & Performance Solutions team has established a telephonic EAP office for those individuals who prefer the convenience of phone interventions. Some individuals also report this as a preference because of the increased sense of anonymity.

ValueOptions has created a Web site to work hand-in-hand with the personal EAP services received over the phone. The telephonic EAP office utilizes to gather and store employee data, behavioral health survey results, assessment tool results and outcome and satisfaction surveys and to document all contact with the employee. In addition, the participant has the option of logging on to and utilizing the user-friendly Web site with its comprehensive library, numerous tools and resources and other features, such as a personal journal.

If the participant chooses to consult with the telephonic EAP office and later decides that he would like to see someone in his community, we help connect the employee with a ValueOptions’ affiliate in a convenient location.

Face-to-face services

At the conclusion of the telephonic intake, assessment and/or telephonic EAP services, participants are linked to an EAP affiliate or staff model office and/or to appropriate community resources for a face-to-face appointment. As part of the referral process, the participant is asked for any unique needs or provider preferences, such as gender, race, language, clinical specialty, location and other such factors. Reasonable efforts are made to accommodate these preferences.

Requests for certain specialty clinical services or indication for the need for such services (e.g., eating disorders) requires clinical intervention outside the scope of the EAP. The EAP affiliate’s role is one of assessment and referral and linkage to appropriate resources, including resources available through the EAP and community resources as necessary.

Supervisor/manager/union representative assistance

ValueOptions’ EAP services provide employers with resources to assist employees in coping with everyday obstacles, as well as extraordinary problems that may affect job performance. The scope of the EAP’s services includes providing managers and supervisors with the tools they need to identify, understand and work with employee problems that surface in the workplace.

Managers, supervisors and union leaders are faced with people problems in the workplace on a regular basis. ValueOptions recognizes that these issues can be complicated and seemingly unmanageable. It is critical that managers and supervisors recognize the EAP as an essential resource to all human issues in the workplace. Consultation extends beyond traditional EAP consultation around referrals to the EAP and includes topics such as conflict resolution, change management, employee resilience strategies, policy development support and critical incident stress management.

The purpose of management consultation is to work with key organizational representatives, union officials, supervisors and management to prevent problems from occurring and to observe, confront and take early positive action on emerging problem situations. When an EAP workplace consultant receives a request for consultation, as with our individual EAP counseling, our management and supervisory consultation service focuses on defining the problem in manageable terms and developing a strategy to resolve that problem. Close contact is maintained with the manager throughout a case, and checkpoints are designated where progress can be measured. As this process continues, the strategy can be revised to fit the complex needs of a particular situation.