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Log on or register with ProviderConnect to take advantage of our online services

Log on or register with ProviderConnect to take advantage of our online services. ProviderConnect makes routine tasks such as processing claims, obtaining claims information, and verifying eligibility status easy and convenient.

Need Help?

The ProviderConnect User Guide outlines the steps to using the various functions within ProviderConnect.  Providers are encouraged to carefully review the ProviderConnect User Guide to help answer any questions on how to use the ProviderConnect application.

The Getting Started with ProviderConnect Guide is a condensed version of the ProviderConnect User Guide but is not a substitute for the ProviderConnect User Guide. New ProviderConnect users are encouraged to use the Getting Started with ProviderConnect Guide as a way to get acclimated with the ProviderConnect application.

Please click on the ProviderConnect User Guide link above to access the specific sections within the guide. Please note, you will need Adobe® Flash Player and Adobe® Reader to view the ProviderConnect User Guide. If you do not have access to this software, you may download and install these applications on your computer.

Call the EDI Help Desk at (888) 247-9311, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST.  A staff member will walk you through the entire process.

ValueOptions’ E-Commerce Initiative

Effective January 1, 2015, providers in the ValueOptions network will be expected to electronically conduct all routine transactions. Learn more.

Don't Know your Provider ID?

Your Provider ID is on file with us. Just call our National Provider Line at (800) 397-1630, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST for assistance.

Claims Resources


Providers must obtain a User ID before using Online Services. To accomplish this, the following forms must be completed.

  • Online Services Account Request Form (PDF)
  • This form authorizes ValueOptions® to receive and process claims electronically and certifies that claims will comply with all laws, rules and regulations governing your contract with ValueOptions. Providers who wish to have inquiry-only access to our system for the purpose of conducting eligibility inquiries and claim status inquiries must also submit this form. All online services users must complete this form.
  • Online Services Intermediary Authorization Form (PDF)
  • This form authorizes an external entity such as a billing agent or clearinghouse to submit claims on the provider’s behalf. This form must be completed only if the provider utilizes the services of a billing agency, clearinghouse or other third party.

HIPAA Resources

  • HIPAA Resources and Software Downloads
  • For Claims Submission the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Claims Link for Windows® application provides a method for providers or their designated representatives to submit HIPAA compliant electronic claims to ValueOptions.