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Giving Back To Those Who Serve Us

Join our Military OneSource program where you can provide our military personnel and their family members with counseling services designed to provide service help with short-term issues such as adjustment to situational stressors, stress management, decision making, communication, grief, blended-family issues, and parenting-skills issues. Please download the “practitioner request for an application” form.

Fingerprinting For Background Checks

Military OneSource is required to conduct background checks on ALL MOS Network providers, and this instruction mandates that the background checks be conducted via FBI fingerprinting. Accu-Trace is now our fingerprinting vendor and is managing the fingerprinting process. Military OneSource representatives from Accu-Trace are contacting all providers who have not yet been fingerprinted or whose fingerprints could not be processed due to illegibility. We thank you for your cooperation with this new requirement and appreciate your participation in this valuable program. For questions regarding the fingerprinting process and Forms please call 1-888-548-7223 (toll free) or 484-381-3200 or e-mail For questions regarding the Fingerprinting requirement, please e-mail

Instructions, Necessary Forms, and Frequently Asked Questions

Fingerprinting Forms

Provider Alerts and Updates

Provider alert No. 1: Non-Medical Counseling

Provider alert No. 2: Submission of Case Activity Form Instructions

Online via Military OneSource ProviderConnect:

Paper submission via Fax/US Postal Services:

Experiencing ANY difficulties? Please contact our Claims Department at: (888)450-6795

Provider Trainings & Webinars

Mandated Training Requirements

In order to participate in the Military OneSource program, providers are required to successfully complete training prior to joining the network and annually in accordance with the Military OneSource contract between the Department of Defense and ValueOptions. Below is a summary of the training requirements and instructions on how to complete them.

Credentialing process in becoming a Military OneSource Provider:

  1. Military Cultural Competence and
  2. Provider Orientation Webinar.

Please complete the courses immediately.

First Annual Renewal Training:

  1. Impact of Deployment and Combat Stress Part 1 and
  2. Provider Administration Renewal.

Please complete the courses immediately.

Second Annual Renewal Training

  1. Impact of Deployment and Combat Stress Part II and
  2. Provider Administration Renewal.

Please complete the courses immediately.

There are two ways to complete the mandated training:

Initial and renewal trainings are available on Relias Learning Management System Website. These courses are self-paced and can be completed at your own convenience.

Experiencing ANY difficulties or have any questions? Please email the Military OneSource Provider Relations department at: MOSPROVIDERRELATIONS@MILITARYONESOURCE.COM

Initial Training Live Webinar Schedule

First Annual Renewal Training Live Webinar Schedule

Second Annual Renewal Training Live Webinar Schedule

Third Annual Renewal Training Live Webinar Schedule

Other Important Forms and Documents

Important contact information

ValueOptions Provider Service Line

  • Phone: (800) 397-1630

Military OneSource Member Line

  • Phone: (800) 342-9647

ValueOptions Claims Department

  • Phone: (888) 450-6795

Electronic Claims Submissions/EDI Helpdesk

PaySpan Health Support

MOS Provider Relations Department