ValueOptions® Launches Integrated Computing Environment

New Systems Improve Internal Operational Efficiency and Enable Telephonic and Web-Based Self-Service to Members and Providers
Norfolk, Virginia — August 5, 2005

ValueOptions today announced the launch of ValueOptions CONNECTIONS, an integrated computing environment that will mean significant enhancements to internal business processes, as well as augmented self-service capabilities to members and providers alike.

The heart of the new environment is the CONNECTIONS Administrative Platform. Born from a significant investment in the migration of all legacy functionality to one comprehensive application, this core system reconciles transactional processing across all ValueOptions' business units, corporate departments, and service centers.

From this cornerstone platform, ValueOptions is deploying a variety of new information technology systems that dramatically improve operational efficiency as well as ensure superior customer service and clinical care for the 23 million consumers ValueOptions serves.

"CONNECTIONS represents a new era for ValueOptions," states Bob Esposito, chief information officer of ValueOptions. "By moving all back-end processing to one comprehensive platform, building a robust, yet flexible infrastructure, and deploying new end-user systems, we are answering the business needs with a modularized, highly-agile application portfolio."

In addition to the core platform, ValueOptions CONNECTIONS includes both internal and external end-user applications. Internal users include those responsible for such things as clinical care management, customer service, claims processing and provider network management.

  • ValueOptions ServiceConnect – Deployed in May 2005, ServiceConnect gives customer service staff a state-of-the-art desktop interface, enabling immediate access to a member's complete service history. The new application greatly enhances call center productivity, substantially reducing call resolution time for members and providers.

  • ValueOptions CareConnect – Slated for Q4 2005 deployment, CareConnect answers the specific needs of clinical care staff, who employ the system to quickly focus on the most pertinent clinical data for each member, easily locate and view historical data summaries to efficiently formulate cases, as well as access advanced tools that allow care managers to devise, monitor, follow-up, and report on individualized treatment plans.

  • ValueOptions NetworkConnect – Currently rolling out companywide, NetworkConnect supports all credentialing and network maintenance activities. Users leverage the application to effectively manage network provider file data, maintaining all information related to provider network participation.

Complimenting the new systems geared for internal operational efficiency, are a trio of externally-facing applications that enable substantially augmented self-service to members and network providers.

  • ValueOptions TeleConnect – Deployed in June 2005, TeleConnect serves as the new corporate interactive voice response system, enabling rapid, 24/7 self-service resolution of an array of common member and provider requests.

  • ValueOptions ProviderConnect & ValueOptions MemberConnect – To compliment the telephonic capabilities of TeleConnect, ProviderConnect and MemberConnect serve as 24/7, one-stop shops for members and providers who wish to complete everyday service requests online. Due for deployment in Q3 2005, both systems enable users with dramatically enhanced functionality coupled with the convenience of real-time online access.

In addition to these systems, new CONNECTIONS deployments include applications that support data management, client account management, as well as corporate finance and accounting.

"ValueOptions is dedicated to the members, providers, and clients we serve on a daily basis," adds Esposito. "ValueOptions CONNECTIONS truly sets the stage for operational efficiency, enhanced service, and superior clinical care. In short, CONNECTIONS answers the diverse needs of today, but also prepares us for the ever-evolving requirements of future business."

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